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I have a 91 mutang, I was looking at the Systemax carbertur kit and thinking about changing it to carberatur for cost reasons. I heard all I have to do is remove the this true? Also, how would this kit do, if I decided to put a 331 stroker in it. I know this kit is rated for a stock HO motor, would I get enough performance difference to go for the kit and a 331 kit. This is the specs on the kit:

650cfm Carb
1.94" intake 1.60" exhaust 61cc
Intake valve gross lift/duration: .522"/268°
Exhaust valve gross lift/duration: .522"/279°
Intake/Exhaust duration @ .050": 215°/224°

Would I be better off leaving the motor stock and using this kit, or also use this kit and stroke it too.
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