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So I'm tossing around the idea of selling my entire drivetrain setup to go with a big inch N/A setup for more class racing options. Heres the skinny:

Holley Systemax aluminium heads, cam, and intake manifold. Heads come with 1.6 roller rockers, as well as the complete valvetrain (springs, retainers, pushrods if you really want them)

Will not disassemble the heads and part out, same goes with the intake manifold.

Also have the holley throttle body (dont know size, can find out) and the holley TB spacer.

30lb injectors and calibrated mass air.

Mac. Long tube 1 5/8 headers, catless H pipe

Ford motorsport 50oz damperner (brand new!) been on the car for 3 days.

CSi electric water pump, also brand new, had on the car for a week.

Vortech S trim supercharger kit for 302 with around 3000 miles on it, complete kit, AFM power pipe, brand new rubber elbows (expensive from AFM!) Has the high boost bypass valve as well. Stock pullys (propelled my car to 117mph traps running out of gear at the 1000' mark with easy 125 mph potential at sea level with correct gearing!

Also have a mexican bare block, SCAT 9000 seried 331 crank 3.25" stroke and Eagle H beam 5.4" forged rods!

Also in the car is a Tremec 3550 transmission, FMS aluminium driveshaft, and a Centerforce Dual Friction (on its last legs)

I currently have the blower on the car with the Systemax H/C/I and it has gone a best of 11.9 @ 89 mph at LACR (eaaasy 10's at sea level with better gear) and a best on radials of 12.3 @ 117 running out of gear at the 1000' mark.

NO LOW BALLERS! If you think its a silly offer, it probably is... Use your own judgement.

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Heads -------------- $800obo

Intake manifold with TB and spacer --------- $650

Cam --------------------- $75

Headers with H pipe ----------------- $200

Injectors and mass air -------------- Make offer

Complete supercharger kit with AFM power pipe, FMU, belts, everything for a shortbelted & electric waterpump setup -----$1600

Brand new FMS 50oz damperner with spacer for 5.0 liter and custom length bolts (PITA to find) ------ $300

CSI windsor electric water pump 1 week old with screw in insert for blue hoses -------------- $290

Tremec 3550 transmission with bellhousing and clutch/flywheel ---- $1300

FMS aluminium driveshaft ------------- $150

Mexican block ----------------------------$300

NEW SCAT 9000 3.25 crank ------------------ $200

NEW Eagle H beam rods 5.4" length ----------- $400

Anything else, ask!
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