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SVO Intake
At present, there are only two options other than the production intake for the 4.6. The first aftermarket intake available was a long-runner intake from Ford SVO, released in 1998 to complement the SVO heads that were released at the same time. The SVO intake uses a large plenum located in the valley area of the engine, combined with large cross section runners of reasonable length, fed by a twin-blade throttle body borrowed from the Cobra engine. This intake is a substantial improvement over the stock ‘92-‘98 intakes. Unfortunately, the intake port only mates with the SVO cylinder head, although if you really need to, a tig welder and die grinder will modify
this intake to fit other cylinder-head ports. The SVO intake also works quite nicely with supercharged engines, and the throttle-body location, plus the fact that the throttle body is a Cobra piece, means that the Cobra supercharger duct can be substituted for the GT piece provided with
the original supercharger kit, and everything will line up perfectly.

The Ford SVO intake offers an
increased runner volume
compared to the stock intake. It
also offers an increased runner
length for improved upper-RPM
power, combined with good mid-
range torque. Ford Racing offers
installation kits available for ‘96-
‘98 Mustangs, or the SVO intake
may be installed on other
applications with owner supplied
installation components.


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