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SVO and Turbocoupe parts

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I'm moving in the next few months, and need to get rid of some stuff. I'll be adding to this as I explore the nooks and crannys of my house and garage,
These parts are from an 85 SVO
Rear interior side panels. Have been cut out for 6x9 speakers. Otherwise good shape. $20 local sale only.
Misc. small pieces... $15. I'll ship these.
If I get a full price offer on the big parts, I'll also throw in th small misc. interior pieces I have.
Drivers side outer and inner markers. Lens and housing cracked on outer, just lens cracked on inner. $10 for both. Will ship these.
Ford 5x7 speakers. Not ripped or anything $10 for the pair
T-Bird intercooler. Choice. One has been set up with a 1" nipple for a bypass valve, the other is stock. $40. I'm keeping whichever doesn't sell.
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