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Superchip For 2.3l Turbo Ford [SOLD]

Item is no longer available (SOLD)

This posting is a high performance engine management computer chip primarily designed for use with 2.3 turbo Ford four cylinder applications using the PC1 calibration (see below for more details on application). This chip "piggybacks" the existing computer and optimizes full and part throttle settings, raises rev limits, and removes speed limits (where possible).
I had used this in a 85.5' Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe (Manual) and it worked well with my particular vehicle. I have since sold the vehicle. Having the rev limit can be nice for a high performance application with a manual transmission.

Asking $40/obo buyer pays shipping from Springfield, VA (22152)

The "PC1" calibration EEC-IV computers and which cars they come in:

83 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe 5sp --- PC1 and ZGA
84 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe 5sp --- PC1 and TF and TC
85-86 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe 5sp --- PC1
84-86 XR7 5sp --- PC1 and TA

Images are of actual item for sale.


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