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I thought I had previously read that Sub frame connectors were allowed in STX; after re reading I can't find where they are legal in STX, or SP. My car is mildly modified because its my daily driver. I was hoping to be able to run STX, but I am unsure of its legality.

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Stole this from Dave Schotz:
The F-Stock class will allow pretty Much:

Tires/Wheels (Stock Size Wheels but aftermarket is ok)
Cat Back Exhaust
Air Filter (but not a Cold Air Kit)
Different Brake Pads But stock rotors & brakes

Street Prepared allows all of that... Plus...

Any Rear Diff
Any Spring Package
Additional suspension stuff Panhard bar etc..
Intake Manifold, and Headers, pulleys etc..
Any Size wheel.

Street Modified allows all of those two... plus..

Any Rear Gear
Subframe Connectors
Even more suspension stuff

Prepared allows all of everything above... plus
Slicks! And no Interior necessary.

Thanks Dave!

There is a TSB Ford subframe connector that is legal for '94+. That would make it legal in ESP. (MM full-lengths, like yours and mine aren't legal).

Sorry I can't help with STX, but I doubt it...
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