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After having the unibody measured (not due to an accident - did it in preparation for welded subframe & rollbar install), we found that the stock K-member was mounted by the factory too far to the driver's side.... fore & aft location was fine....

Further evidence of misalignment is provided by the sidewall of the passenger tire rubbing slightly on the front sway bar when turned completely to the left..... and .... to provide equal camber of -1.2 deg. on both sides, the driver's caster/camber plate is adjusted to it's maximum outboard position while the passenger side plate is adjusted mid-range.

We calculated the misalignment to be 0.3" with the K-member required to be moved toward the passenger side.

I spoke to three Ford dealerships... none would perform a warranty/defect/free repair.

So, here are the questions:

1.) Has anyone else had this problem?

2.) How difficult would it be to slightly loosen the eight K-member attchment bolts and two engine mount bolts... then slide the two assemblies into position? Anyone tried this?

An FEA would, of course, be required after repositioning the K-member.... and I have read the factory shop manual pages regarding K-member removal/installation.

Comments are encouraged!

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