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I've had my Mustang since '95. Since then the fuel system has been left untouched -- with the exception of a GSS340 pump & a Aeromotive AFPR. A little less than a month ago I was driving and my car started spitting & sputtering like it was starving for fuel. I brought it home, and realized that the rubber hoses that connect the main fuel lines to the tank had gotten up against my exhaust pipe. By doing that, it melted through the feedline. It's only a pin hole, but we all know how much pressure is going through there.

No this is where my journey begins. After weeks of putting it off & debating on what to do next I finally went to Ford and ordered brand new lines... which came up to $102! Yesterday I dropped the tank to put the lines on and install a T-Rex to find out that ONE of the connections isn't right! The T-Rex is plumbed perfectly, the return rubber line was perfect, but somehow the feed fitting coming off of my pickup is too big!! I compared the new & old hoses and sure enough, the older connecter was bigger. After screaming & yelling for a few hours I finally called the local Mustang guru, Jake Lamotta. He said he had one, and to come get it. Once I got there we found FOUR feedlines, and ALL of them were the same size that Ford gave me -- TOO SMALL!

Has anyone ran into this problem? Does anyone know if there were a difference in the feedlines in the Fox cars? Or was there a upgrade fuel system option?? I'll probably end up having to buy another pickup assembly. I'll throw my pump in it, and I'll be able to use those golden hoses that Ford sold me.

Thanks in advance,
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