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So, I want to open up this thread as more of a general discussion rather than asking a question and waiting for 100 different answers.

That being said, I've got an 89 LX with a mild 331, some lowering springs and chassis stiffening, and a 5-lug conversion. I auto-x it pretty much monthly and it's also my DD.

Currently it has a Grant Signature Series steering wheel on the normal install kit. The hub on it has worn out and I have lots of play between the hub and the column which translates to about an inch and a half of play in the steering wheel.

Since I need to at least do a hub, I'm considering doing some form of a quick release as well.
So far I have looked at the Grant Security System and Grant racing quick release, the Sparco quick release and the NRG quick release.

I'd love to hear about what other people are running - especially in pre-airbag foxes and especially in cars that are driven hard (road-course or auto-x).

Let's hear about issues that you encountered in installation, what quality the parts are and (if you've had the set up a long time) how well it has held up to abuse (i.e. is replacing a hub every couple of years going to be a reality of running an aftermarket steering wheel?)

Oh, and of course, pictures of your setup are always useful! :D
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