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ok well after all the wait ive finally decided to build a carbed 302 from the ground up and drop it in my 95 v6 automatic, so this is what i think i need so far so add anything i may be missing and anything i may encounter on the way.

Complete 302 with carb
throttle cable out of 85 stang or from lokar
low pressure inline fuel pump and fuel tank pickup
dura spark ignition any other ideas on this?
accesories and brackets from a 94-95 gt
8.8 rear end
t-5 tranny swap
95 headers??
will v6 steering rack work?
radiator for 95 gt
electric fan
oilpan from 95
timing cover from 95
hpipe for 95 and v8 hangers

Is this all i need?
Thanks and have any of you guys done this???

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Why carbed? Are you going to drag race or what?

What about your suspension and brakes? The V-8 is a lot heavier and will have significant effect on your handling. You will also want some decent brakes.

You will also need motor mounts, new sensors, hoses, alternator, accessory brackets, belts, etc. I'm not sure about the ignition wires, etc. - someone else will have to help there.

You will also need to double check hood clearance for the type intake, carb and filter you plan to use. There is not as much room as you might think.

Be sure to check out MM&FF and the other rags for issues where they might have attempted this.
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