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Hello Everyone...

Help the pushrod guy out here....

After my car has been sitting for over 24 hours or so in the cold (lets say under freezing), when I start it, it will start, but it won't idle, it will simply die unless you are on the gas. It smells a little strange out of the exhaust when this happens too.

Does anybody have any advice on what to check out.

Quick mod summary:

Steeda Timing Adjuster
K&N drop in filter
MAC off road
MIL eliminators
Borla Cat Back


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It's most likely the IAC.

If it will idle after warming up, then a good cleaning of the IAC should do. If not, then you can try cleaning it and see if it helps; otherwise, just replace it. Either way, it's an easy task, just the IAC's are overpriced, if you ask me.
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