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Ok guys, I need help bad!!! I got my car back today and it is a liitle off. Here are the problems:

Press the clutch to the floor and it is very very hard to get into first, reverse or any gear when driving. Do i need a quadrant adj. or what?

Next, my car wants to stall :mad: everytime i stop and go into nuetral or stay in gear. I think this has do with the alum. flywheel. How the hell do i fix that?

Also, when go to nuetral it feels like the car is losing power.

I have stock gears so I think that is the reason that i have to rev a little more to get of the line right now. I want to bog alot in first.

The shop set the timing to 11 should i increase it w/ the ported heads?

Well, I think my car will be great as soon as I get the quarks out of it. I need so advice from people with knowledge and experence. Thanks for the help you guys!!!
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