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Ok, i've been having some problems with my car not starting, i thought it was the timing because i had the distributer out, but i got that all sorted out and it fired right up.

Now, today i went to go test drive the car. I let it warm up a little, backed it out of the driveway put it in first and i stalled it (or maybe the car stalled as i let the clutch out..). Then it wouldn't restart, wouldn't even try to catch, would just turn over and over and over as if the starter relay was going without the ignition turned on.

So i pushed it closer to the curb and left it in front of the house for about 8 hours, then i went out and tried it again, fired right up despite how cold it is and ran great. Let it warm up a little and drove off. I drove it up and down the street a few times to make sure it wasn't going to die so far away i'd need a tow. It was running awesome (best it ever has since i've had it). I took it around the block a few times and i came around a corner and forgot it was in third, so it bogged at 900rpm stumbled and died. Then wouldn't restart in the same way. Just turning over and over and over.

I bet if i went to try it now it would start because its been sitting for a few hours. I'm lost.
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