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I just replaced my distributer and TFI module because of the same thing. Went through the whole scenario of trying to track it down before I got to it. Evidently, too, Ford had a recall on the TFI module for my car.

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Here you go...

p. 213 of the Probst's book "How to Understand, Service, and Modify Ford Fuel Injection & Electronic Engine Control", Table 8 and 9, under the diagnostic routines:

Table 8. Stalls/Quits on Accelleration or Cruise, Bucks/Jerks, Hesitates/Stumbles, Surges

Start with #1 and work your way down the list.

1. Engine Control...Quick Test (pull the codes)
2. Ignition...Spark plug, coil, secondary wires, distributer cap & rotor, crossed wires, ignition timing
3. Fuel/Throttle Body...Idle air flow (IAB), fuel filter, fuel pump, water/dirt/rust contamination in fuel, fuel lines, fuel pressure regulator, sender filter, injectors
4. Vacuum Distribution...Vacuum leaks
5. Air Intake Systems...Air cleaner
6. EGR...Valve
7. PCV...Valve
8. Exhaust...Restrictions (clogged EGR return tubes or catalytic converter)

Table 9. Runs Rough on Accelleration or Cruise, Misses

Again, start with #1 and work your way down the list.

1. Ignition (same as above)
2. Engine Control (same as above)
3. Fuel/Throttle body (same as above)
4. EGR (same as above)
5. Vacuum Distribution (same as above)
6. Base Engine...components (hope you found your problem before you get down here...$$$$)

Well, there you go. As you can see, it could be most anything. Happy hunting! These little gremlins can be hard to track be patient. It is very frustrating. If you don't have a code analyzer, you can pick one up at Sears and most auto parts stores...they're like $30-40 and pretty easy to use if you just follow the directions.

Perhaps something to consider...the ignition timing advances with increasing RPM...if it doesn't or there is wandering timing from bad distributer bearings, it can potentially create the same types of symptoms you are describing...look at the distributer. If the miss is there all the time...look into the TFI module...the ignition pickup (PIP) may be going out. That being said, rule out the easy and inexpensive things first.
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