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Alright.. right now, I have a 94 GT, with an S-trim pushing 12psi, 30# injectors, c&L MAF, and a powerpipe.

I also have an eec tuner, and drive about 200miles per way (400+ total) everytime I need a dynotune. I've done it 2 times this month, and am going to have to do it again because part throttle tuning wasnt done. I'm thinking of pulling out the eec tuner, and putting stock 19# injectors back in, stock MAF, and using an FMU instead.

when I was running 8# boost, i made 313rwhp on a mustang dyno. when I dyno'd with 12psi, I made 302rwhp. my air/fuel curves were always messed up.

Should i run with the 19# injectors, and just pull the spout and run at say.. 18-20 or so timing?

how much power will I lose if I do this?
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