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Low mileage cylinder heads only have about 7600.00. Specs Information from edelbrock website.

• PLEASE study these instructions carefully before installing your new cylinder heads. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Hotline at: 1-800-416-8628. • DESCRIPTION The Edelbrock Performer, Performer RPM, and Performer 5.0 Street Cylinder Heads are designed for street high performance use, and are interchangeable with original equipment small-block Ford cylinder heads. Performer and Performer 5.0 heads have exhaust crossover and air injection passages and are street legal in all 50 states. Contact Edelbrock for the current E.O. number if required for emission validation.Edelbrock Ford cylinder heads offer “out of the box”bolt-on performance with no additional porting required.The performance range is 1500-6500 rpm for great throttle response throughout the power band as well as top-end horsepower. The intake and exhaust ports are CNC machine “matched”and have been designed for maximum flow velocity when matched with either the Performer or the Performer RPM intake manifold, Performer-Plus or Performer RPM cam kit, and Performer Series Carburetors. The Performer RPM Power Package produced 400 horsepower in dyno tests on a 351-W Ford with 9.5:1 compression on pump gasoline. NOTE: These heads are drilled for 1/2" diameter head bolts as used on 351-W engines. Use Edelbrock Head Bolt Kit #8553 or stock Ford 1/2" head bolts with hardened washers (ARP #200-8533) to mount these heads on 351-W engines. To mount these heads on 289-302 engines, you must use Edelbrock head bolt bushings with integral washers #9680 with either Edelbrock head bolt kit #8552 or stock 7/16" head bolts. • IDENTIFICATION These heads are available in pairs, either bare or assembled, with either 1.90" or 2.02" intake valves for the following applications: Performer RPM Ford head #6021* (bare, 1.90") or #6024* (bare, 2.02"); #6022* (complete, 1.90") or #6025* (complete, 2.02") For non-emission controlled 289, 302, and 351-W V8s with rocker studs and pushrod guideplates;will not accept rail rockers. Performer Ford head #6031 (bare, 1.90") or #6034 (bare, 2.02"); #6032 (complete, 1.90") or #6035 (complete, 2.02") For emission controlled 1965 & later 289, 302, and 351-W with rocker studs and pushrod guideplates;will not accept rail rockers. Performer 5.0 Ford head #6036 (bare, 1.90") or #6038 (bare, 2.02"); #6037 (complete, 1.90") or #6039 (complete, 2.02") For emission controlled 1982 & later 5.0 Liter V8s with pedestal mount rocker rocker arms; will not accept rail rockers. Complete cylinder heads are assembled with the following components:Stainless steel, one-piece, swirl-polished intake and exhaust valves with under-cut stems for increased flow;2-ring positive oil control seals;3/8" rocker studs and 5/16" guideplates;Edelbrock Sure-Seat Valve Springs #5767, retainers #9724, and valve keepers #9611.Complete cylinder heads are assembled and prepared for installation right out of the box. Bare cylinder heads will have valve guides and seats installed, but will require final sizing and a valve job to match the valves you will be using.
I will have more pictures later thanks. I am asking 700.00 for both cylinder heads For local pick up 850 shipped plus paypal fees. This are the very 1 gen year of the edelbrock cylinder head the CORRECT part # is 6037 NOT 60379.
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late to the party, I'd take them! text 7014265975, or send pm
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