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So I’ve got one of these big dogs porting intakes here…

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A kind gentlemen - who is not big dogs, or affiliated with them sent me a big dogs cobra intake that has been ported. I’ll be replacing the box r intake on the car temporarily to see the difference.

I won’t get into the pissing contest, really here as a third party to make a comparison. Here are some pics of it compared to a factory explorer intake. All measurements are in mm.

This will be a strict a to b comparison deal. I’ll look at fuel flow and dragy times to see which one works the best. Engine is a woody built 347 with a f1r blower. Any ideas on which will come out on top?

If anyone wants any other pics or measurements, please Let me know and I’ll oblige if I can.

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Bernoulli's principle be damned!

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Sounds like no reverse taper and shortened runner length. That should make it more interesting.
2.3155 in² < 2.583 in²

Math does not lie.... :cool:

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Monday I’ll be doing the manifold swap. I’ll get measurements in English then too :LOL:

Long as I can get the vacuum lines sorted hopefully I can heat cycle it the same day.
Testing with "and" without the blower belt??? :cool:
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We love the fact that anything posted about Bigdogs gets soo much attention, especially from other porters😁.
Keep up the "good work"👍
IRONY: noun

1) The use of words to express something different from and often opposite to their literal meaning.
2) An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning.

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Is this Stage 2 or Stage 3 dirt??? 🤮

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AND this kind of bullshit right here is why I would never send a penny to Ed Curtis. Does it really matter to you if someone else produces a good product? There are a thousands dudes selling parts. Custom cams and minor porting is not that special. How about coming down off the high horse?

Now let all the simp fan boys jump in to your defense........
No problem... you obviously have no idea what is quality work, you poor little Karen... 😝

Especially if you consider this hacker's stuff as a "good product"...

Told this hustler the gloves were off after his rants about Tom Moss...

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I understand completely what quality work is. I have and have had a few Tom Moss intakes, good quality. Hell, yours might actually be as well. That doesn't mean you need to come out of your palace every time someone asks a question about another vender's product and run your mouth. Its a super sign of weakness Sally, but aren't you in Cali? Probably walk from the hips.
Brooks is the instigator of all the drama ... If you can't see that, try using different reading glasses or maybe some common sense? Being a liberal, there must be at least 1% of common sense available in your skull.

Because of a recent valvetrain customer of mine getting totally fkd by this Brooks guy and his "crew"... I have every right to bring out their hacked up garbage for public consumption. If you can't handle this, do what Brooks does and block people who expose his "expertise"...

As for the KKKalifornia reference... nice try Karen but wrong...
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Ed you're BS.
Nope - only your business quality.
One, we don't hack up anything.
Coming from a guy who can't even install a spring kit properly? That's precious!
Two, we had customers show us pm messages that have certain racial undertones. We never mention it.
Sure you do... sounds more like YOU have the issue.
Three, I personally seen a post you made the imply we take food stamps for port work. Which is an insult.
You're really sounding like a fool.
Find a post in which we talk about you or even mention your name, thats not a response. That's why Tony put you ignore.
Ha... like it's not obvious?
You are nothing but a troll.
...and you and your boss are nothing but a couple of hackers, trying to sound like experts.

Stick to making socket ported intakes...
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Last question? If you so busy? Why are you even in a thread that you did not even port the product? We are not paying rent for us being in your head!
Jealous of successful people?

I do strictly high quality projects for customers who are a cut above the average enthusiast, as my record proves. Unlike you and your boss who put out a huge volume of garbage!

As I told you, if Brooks didn't slam Tom's work all over social media, you and your employer wouldn't be a concern of mine but in doing so, you two opened the door for anyone to show the world the garbage you put out. Including people you screwed over, who I had to help out afterwards...
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