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So I’ve got one of these big dogs porting intakes here…

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A kind gentlemen - who is not big dogs, or affiliated with them sent me a big dogs cobra intake that has been ported. I’ll be replacing the box r intake on the car temporarily to see the difference.

I won’t get into the pissing contest, really here as a third party to make a comparison. Here are some pics of it compared to a factory explorer intake. All measurements are in mm.

This will be a strict a to b comparison deal. I’ll look at fuel flow and dragy times to see which one works the best. Engine is a woody built 347 with a f1r blower. Any ideas on which will come out on top?

If anyone wants any other pics or measurements, please Let me know and I’ll oblige if I can.

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No epoxy is ever used. Back then we used a 3rd party welder. Now everything is in-house. Tig welded
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I'm late here, so let me get this right, the OP is comparing a Box r with a 90 mm tb tunnel to a shorten runner stage 3 Cobra with a 80 mm tb tunnel right?

Thornton said this is his stage 3.
Oh my mistake, I must keep my glasses on! Lol. Then this should be interesting. I apologize to the OP.
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Str8baller, you don't understand how much an insult it is to say the hard work we put out, has comical results? So how when we flow aftermarket things, our flow bench, seems to be close to industry standard? But, when we flow our ported parts, its totally inflated? There are no adjustments on the bench, everything is calculated. So maybe we whisper to the computer to "up the numbers!"

I apologize to the OP for the post, but I took offense to that.
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Already starting with the excuses. This is going to be fun.
No excuses. If everything is fair, it is what it is.
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I'm really lost I said (It's just comical to compare your intake to theirs) It is yours is way better when it comes to the GT40 as I said it makes more power no matter what.

Now I said what they find Comical is (They are saying buy the TFR box at 280CFMs have them touch it up and make 330CFMs. And they claim that the 330cfms will flow great and match up when bolted to the heads. This is the part that they find comical) They say this all the time over and over I didn't say I say it if I did I wouldn't have bought your intake and plan to run it forever.

I did update the above just in case that wasn't obvious.
May I ask. Who is They? The police, they government?
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How about everybody just wait for results................? Is that so hard?
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Brooks is the instigator of all the drama ... If you can't see that, try using different reading glasses or maybe some common sense? Being a liberal, there must be at least 1% of common sense available in your skull.

Because of a recent valvetrain customer of mine getting totally fkd by this Brooks guy and his "crew"... I have every right to bring out their hacked up garbage for public consumption. If you can't handle this, do what Brooks does and block people who expose his "expertise"...

As for the KKKalifornia reference... nice try Karen but wrong...
Ed you're BS. One, we don't hack up anything. Two, we had customers show us pm messages that have certain racial undertones. We never mention it. Three, I personally seen a post you made the imply we take food stamps for port work. Which is an insult.

Find a post in which we talk about you or even mention your name, thats not a response. That's why Tony put you ignore. You are nothing but a troll.
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Last question? If you so busy? Why are you even in a thread that you did not even port the product? We are not paying rent for us being in your head!
In before 🔐 :LOL:

I'm m stopping. Sorry to OP

Waiting for results...........
Ed you show the same customer. Do you currently have those heads? That customer wanted a full rebuild and didn't pay for it. Also we let the customer know he's is responsible for cleaning. So he's got mad because he wanted more for less. We know who it is. What about the customers your cam wrecked their valvetrain? Not mentioning that! Are you? Enjoy your day! Lol
I'll just throw this out there, most ethical people in this sport would never knowingly lie about a competitor. Tony seems to have no such ethics. Here is a photo he posted about his ported intake compared to one of ours that he probably thought we'd never see. Anybody with any experience with what a stock GT40/Cobra/Explorer flows 100% stock knows the number Tony says was one of our "ported" intakes flows knows it a total lie and is what a 100% stock intake flows. Even if a customer sent it and said it was one of our lowers, he would KNOW by looking at it if that was true or not. In the end, time tells all and people who have some idea of what is real and what is not KNOW. Tony preys on those on many who do not. Use him or don't but know who you're dealing with........
Sorry I have to reply. The customer that was for said this is a Tmoss upper and lower. So that number represents that manifold flowed "BOLTED TOGETHER " Like the tape says. We don't flow a single piece on a 2 piece manifold. We only flow uppers and lowers bolted together. Our intake is upper with tb tunnel and lower ported. This is a apples to apple comparison.

We have a few manifolds you ported in shop right now! So what is the purpose of this? You can't spin this. So cut the with trolling.
I'm not an expert, lord knows there are plenty of those on here. What I do know is this. I bought a ported intake online that was decent but I wanted it better. I had a Tmoss (actually Matt) ported GT40 already but it was an Explorer model number and I was afraid it wouldn't line up with my future Kenne Bell install. So I tracked down an F4 that was also already ported but not very nice. I saw Tony's posts on Facebook so I engaged with him and had a conversation.

I decided to send him the intake and give him a shot fixing it up. I thought it had been welded and ported. Turns out it was epoxy. When Tony discovered that, he let me know immediately, sent me pictures, and asked what I wanted to do. I gave him the green light to fix it and he did. What I received back from him was a nicely ported/welded intake with freshly chased threads and nice black powdercoat. I was a pain in the a$$ at times because it took awhile but so did the Kenne Bell order. Does it work? Of course it does. Are the ports larger then the Tmoss? Yes, and the rest of the intake quality is better then the Tmoss I already had. I've had several of Tom's GT-40's that worked very well and I also have a nice stocker from him. Is Tony's better? I don't know, I don't think the Kenne Bell cares too much.

I just thinks its BS to get on here and bash other people's character and work thinking it makes yours better. Someone likes to do that to everybody including other custom cam specifiers. I've seen it for years and its crap. The OP was engaging in the thread about his intake and now its another thread hi-jacked by Mr. Insecurity for no reason.
This was your manifold we fixed before pictures
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Our welder at that time repaired every hole!
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Hey T. Hack, I was the one that flowed it. We give a average, let me tell you what average means, add all the individual runners up, divide by 8. Hope you learned something. Try the old school mind games with to 2 year old. Since you so smart, answer this, why do we keep getting your customers manifolds to port after you ported it already? It says something for a customer to pay twice for something to be right. That means it wasn't to their satisfaction the first time, but you don't care, you got paid! Love the tag team trolling! Like the Road Warriors! Are you Animal or Hawk? Enjoy your day!
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