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So I’ve got one of these big dogs porting intakes here…

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A kind gentlemen - who is not big dogs, or affiliated with them sent me a big dogs cobra intake that has been ported. I’ll be replacing the box r intake on the car temporarily to see the difference.

I won’t get into the pissing contest, really here as a third party to make a comparison. Here are some pics of it compared to a factory explorer intake. All measurements are in mm.

This will be a strict a to b comparison deal. I’ll look at fuel flow and dragy times to see which one works the best. Engine is a woody built 347 with a f1r blower. Any ideas on which will come out on top?

If anyone wants any other pics or measurements, please Let me know and I’ll oblige if I can.

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Looks awesome. What was the motivation in staying with a Cobra intake vs going aftermarket?
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Actual measurements are nice, but we need sockets per square inch of port volume to get accurate information.
I was always told by the best it's not sockets, it's golf balls. "Oh yeah this is ported so great you can roll a golf ball down the port.
Metric for horsepowers is ****-thrust. 1 HP is equal to 10 ST's.
Okay so don’t hang me for quoting a show but watching engine masters they did a really cool back to back test with boost and using an intake with 3 different runner length options and have also done it with Holley intake heights. Every intake change did make a noticeable difference. Had I known this I may have gone with a box R instead of my SV 8.2 EFI.
After reading page 6 I was going to say theory argument is cute let’s see some dyno numbers but Tmoss lays out some result goodness on the table.

So what’s the overall goal here comparing? What’s superior to a certain RPM? Average power? I feel like you can port a factory intake all day but if you want to turn 7k or more a stock style is a horrible way to get there.
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The blower outlet is 66mm.
Couldn’t agree more. It’s why I’ve never ran past a 75mm TB on my setup. No point.
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