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So I’ve got one of these big dogs porting intakes here…

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A kind gentlemen - who is not big dogs, or affiliated with them sent me a big dogs cobra intake that has been ported. I’ll be replacing the box r intake on the car temporarily to see the difference.

I won’t get into the pissing contest, really here as a third party to make a comparison. Here are some pics of it compared to a factory explorer intake. All measurements are in mm.

This will be a strict a to b comparison deal. I’ll look at fuel flow and dragy times to see which one works the best. Engine is a woody built 347 with a f1r blower. Any ideas on which will come out on top?

If anyone wants any other pics or measurements, please Let me know and I’ll oblige if I can.

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This is my intake.

Upper is ported
Average runner length 12.75in
MCSA 2.45sqin

Stage 3 port work
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not trying to be the one to start the pissing contest but im currious on what the turnaround time was on it and what stage it was. i understand it takes many months. also interested in cost

EGR port naturally bigger on those? almost looks it was also ported
As far as I know the EGR port is stock.

It takes a long time. On my review I did few years back I said 6-8 months for a stage 3. I have no idea now but I'm sure it's still a long time. Cost I don't know now but I'm going to guess $600-800 thats just my guess. I paid a little less than $600 but that was years ago.

My review
Few pics This is pics he sent me when he was doing the work I had asked him how it was going and he sent me these.

People are going to hate I wanted a Cobra intake on my 93 Cobra with a max port job.

Personally I'm super pumped to see 96pushrod

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#786 is NOT our Stage 3 it's our entry level Stage 2 done in late 2019 fyi. It DID NOT receive our cut, shortened and welded upper. We have a detailed order tracking system to be able to verify everything we port. We even have the name of the original customer (Ricky). At the time the order was placed the original customer paid $250.00 for our stage 2 on that Cobra gt40 manifold. So this is a comparison of our entry level stage 2 which flows very well and designed for street/strip applications from 1,500-6,300rpm plus.
This is my intake and has been cut I'm 100% sure. Think you just miss read numbers.
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So let just say a car makes
420hp with Box intake at 11psi that is 734hp

Now lets just say with the cobra intake makes 390hp at 11psi thats 681hp

So 30hp NA cost 53hp supercharged

So in my opinion supercharged should make it easier to see being it cost more hp.

Now lets just say it is restricted it will take just like stated above 13psi to get back to 734hp

This isn't rocket science.
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Now let's just say it does need 13psi to be back at the 734hp. Thats great to know because many people may like the idea of a stock hood. Or just like the look of a GT40 style intake. It maybe worth 2psi to have it for some.
Looks like you have an extra spacer on the TFR box what size is it and why do you need it?

Looking at this I'm wondering if you will also see higher intake temps with the cobra intake. I did send you a spacer but really hoping you don't need it.
Is this the manifold you sent to us that was ported by the other porter that flowed like crap when we initially tested it and sent you a video of? If it is then you should let us know what your car dynoed with his ported version so we can include them all because that's what you initially said you were going to do right?
Also spacers ADDS runner length. Our testing shows a 1" spacer reduces peak hp rpm about 250-300rpm. That is something that should be known.
He has your ported 3/4in spacer (Maybe 1/2in ) that you sent me. Same spacer I pulled to 5,484rpms.

No that isn't that intake this was the first one I sent you. And I never said or will I ever throw anyone under the bus as long as they don't give me a good reason. The other porter didn't claim he was going to give me max numbers out of my cobra intake he told me he could later if I wanted to send it back but at over 5x the cost of you doing the work. He also told me it was a waist of time to port the upper. I can say that your upper stage 3 cut and ported was good for 30hp and 500rpms over your stage 2 upper. I sent you that intake to do the stage 2 and was happy with those results.

I think you really miss the point sometimes the other guys don't port to this level because they just tell people to buy another intakes. They say it's not worth their time or your money. Now at the price you offer to people wanting this intake its worth it in my eyes if they want this intake.

It's just comical to compare your intake to theirs (Yours is way better) anyone who has seen both knows that and dyno numbers are the same BUT again they aren't claiming 330CFMs on a GT40 intake. They are saying buy the TFR box at 280CFMs have them touch it up and make 330CFMs. And they claim that the 330cfms will flow great and match up when bolted to the heads. This is the part that they find comical.

JUST the GT40 intake (I and the internet as a ton of data to support this) (I have data Dyno #s and all of a 392 only making 360hp and a 347 making 356hp) But again they tell you buy a different intake spend your money better.
Your stage 2 is worth a minimum of 10hp over the others
Your stage 3 is worth a minimum of 40hp over the others and 500rpms

But again they say its a waist of time just buy a better intake.

I'm not hating on you or them them this argument is just stupid.

We are comparing what's know as one of the best intakes on the market to your stock intake that has been ported if people think your intake should win thats crazy. The idea shouldn't be does it win but how well can it do. Personally I think it will perform great considering what it is. If you also look at it compared to other intake you are outperforming almost all of them.

I'm a month or 2 max from testing the TFR box and long runner vs your stage 3 NA.

As I have already said many people don't want the box due to hood issues or just like the looks better.
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I did say minimum difference not max.

What I said word for word. COPY AND PASTED
I want stage 3 full port max as max as you can go. Shorten runners as much as you can go. Just needs to look like stock when I get it back. Also sending you my 65mm TB to do as much as you can to it. They will be running on Trickflow 205 11r heads so port needs to be for a 1262R gasket. 1.40”x 2.25”. I’m the guy on corral that everyone says a Gt40 can’t go on a built 363 so I’m hoping you can prove them wrong. Also I will be posting for all to see so if the intake does good I’m sure many will be headed your way. Open the TB of the intake as much as you can also it is at 75mm now but I will put as big of a TB on it as you can make the hole.

What you said
Got it. I can get you 330cfm with a basic stage three and more with modifications that include welding more metal on the upper for and additional cost. Ok the TB I will open to 80mm but a good ported 75mm will flow 1,000cfm which is more than the Cobra's tunnel can flow due to its design.

What I said
I want you to port to the max I don’t mind extra metal and welded or what ever as long as when your done it’s painted and comes back looking stock

What you said
Ok I got you

I've been waiting for another customer that would let me flex my muscle and show out! Wait till you see what we can really do!! Videos for sure!

Now if you lied to me maybe you should make it right but lets be clear thats what was said in messenger word for word on 06/11/2019

Again I also never said I would bash another person I don't have to look that up. I may have said I would post numbers of another intake and never did. As I said I'm not going to bash another person. My goal was never and is never to make a person look bad its to help other make a discussion on what to do and give option based off of what I have done. I like to help not hurt. Your numbers are better than anyone else and you really just have no idea how to take that WIN.
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Str8baller, you don't understand how much an insult it is to say the hard work we put out, has comical results? So how when we flow aftermarket things, our flow bench, seems to be close to industry standard? But, when we flow our ported parts, its totally inflated? There are no adjustments on the bench, everything is calculated. So maybe we whisper to the computer to "up the numbers!"

I apologize to the OP for the post, but I took offense to that.
I'm really lost I said (It's just comical to compare your intake to theirs) It is yours is way better when it comes to the GT40 as I said it makes more power no matter what.

Now I said what they find Comical is (They are saying buy the TFR box at 280CFMs have them touch it up and make 330CFMs. And they claim that the 330cfms will flow great and match up when bolted to the heads. This is the part that they find comical) They say this all the time over and over I didn't say I say it if I did I wouldn't have bought your intake and plan to run it forever.

I did update the above just in case that wasn't obvious.
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I find this one very interesting I have had a few people tell me it's a waist of my time to even test the TFR long runner that I have. They say it sucks. Crazy thing is it has the same lower as the TFR box. This is a prime example of why I like the GT40 intake many many times with a little work they out perform the aftermarket intakes. All but the box that is.
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I've heard the the same for the r long runner upper Over the years but there's been at least three casting revisions of it, I think it was the early "two top bolt" uppers that was the worst casting for that intake where the port size varred pretty badly from the plenum down. Super Irish used to have some good pics of a couple of those cut open. Think the non egr casting is said to be the best.
Mine is the 1 long top bolt, No EGR but it is the 75mm version not the 90mm. Picked it up in a trade so no reason not to test it just for fun.
Man y'all are just trying to have this thread deleted.

Well I'll post the results regardless in my Box vs Stage 3 NA results once y'all get this one deleted.
I tried to hang back, but you can't expect someone who is being lied about to stand aside, or maybe you can........
Ed may have stirred the pot on this one but I 100% get your point.
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