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Byron of Race Systems just released his SnEEC data logger for the EEC-IV and I thought some of you might be interested in it. Here's the link:

here is a post that Byron did on
Yes, it's out now; and our FAQ is online.

There's also another URL associated with it (same content, just easier to remember). It's

I gave a demo for the N. CA Shelby club a few weeks ago, and have shipped about 15 units to date...mostly out of state. So far, so good. The support forums a suprisingly quiet; I suppose that's a good sign. The software is on the website and available for download if you're interested in seeing it first hand.

I've sent a press release out to the big magazines; I would imagine that someone will print something, but it will be 2 months before that will happen.

So, if you're looking for a plug-in datalogging/monitoring solution for a pre-95 performance Ford; please give SnEEC a look.

I don't check these forums as often as I'd like to; so if you have any questions please drop me a line through my website or post on the SnEEC support forums.


Byron Reynolds
RACE Systems
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