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SN95: Shelby GT500 Brake Conversion Is It Worth It!!!

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It was asked some time ago weather it was worth converting to the new mustang breaks from 1996-2004 cars and the answer was NO (see attached thread)

forums dot corral dot net/forums/showthread dot php?t=700746

But recently I saw an ad at the top for corrral

vintagevenom dot com/shelby-gt500-brake-and-wheel-conversion

That sells a kit to convert to the GT500 brakes for $395. You can get the GT500 calipers and rotors for under $500 from e-bay.

cgi.ebay dot com/ebaymotors/Shelby-GT500-Brembo-Brake-Kit-Mustang-GT-05-09-500_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33563QQihZ008QQitemZ180328926888QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

So for less than $900 I can have 4 piston brembo brakes assuming I have 18" wheels. The cheapest Cobra R kits I can find are over $1300. What do you think? Is it worth doing and will it work???

sorry I cannot post link yet so copy, past and replace the "dot" with a "."
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It's not just the brakes, you would also need new rims. The 94-04 rims use a much smaller offset and you won't clear the brakes.

So if you add the cost of new rims, plus this kit, plus the actual brake parts..... you might as well just buy the cobra R kit.
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