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Sn95 motor into 1986 Fox mustang

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Here's what i have: 331 dart block with holley systemax head intake package, all accessories set up for 1995 car. 1995 Cartech turbo kit with intercooler. Anderson motorsports efi fuel management system. This setup came out of a 1995 mustang that i had but now want to install into 1986 hatchback mustang. I have read a lot of posts on different forums and seems swap is basic. Only hard part is wiring harness.

Can I use 1995 computer in 1986 computer harness? will it plug in?? reason for this: I already have efi computer for it and can tune turbo and engine with it. Fabricating part easy for me just need input on wiring part.
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You will need to re-pin it to run a SN95 computer. The SN also has extra leads for things like electric fan. It would be easier to use either an SN harness and sensors with the SN computer, or the 86 harness, sensors and computer.

It is possible to use both, but a decent amount or work.

1) Keep your 86 EFI engine harness
2) Convert that to a Mass Air setup using the available pin-out guides found in multiple threads on this site
3) Use Mass Air meter and injectors of your choice
4) Install A9L
5) Get it tuned


There's no need to try and mix/match a 95 engine harness into an 86-93 - too many variables to deal with in the 94/95 harnesses.
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