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I was using this set of SN95 rails on my fox for peace of mind during higher horsepower tunes. They will handle way more than the stock fox rails.

Already installed is an Aeromotive regulator and a fuel PSI gauge in the front. Both are in perfect working conditon and accurately manage fuel. The gauge has a small scratch on the face of it, I believe it to be a Summet or Jegs brand rail mounted gauge.

These will work on an EFI fox with a minor bend of the fuel supply to rail line. No tool needed, I just gently used my hand. There is plenty of clearance in the rear of the plenum for the gauge to fit.

Selling for 80.00 to your door.

PM, Email at [email protected] or call 724-838-1248 and ask for little Ed.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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