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SN-95 T-5 transmission fit in 1988 5.0 ?

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Will a 1995 T-5 behind a V6 fit my '88 LX 5.0? I know there are some differences, but can't remember what they are. Also, would the '95 T-5 behind a V6 be world class and have the same gear ratios as my '88?

Thanks in advance,
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I don't know about the V-6 trans from 94/95. They may be different and most likely have a weaker torque rating.

I do know that the T-5 trans from a 94/95 5.0 is 5/8" longer at the bellhousing and input shaft. So you will have to use a Fox Body bellhousing and input shaft. I would just get a Fox Body T-5 from a 5.0.
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