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SN-95 T-5 transmission fit in 1988 5.0 ?

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Will a 1995 T-5 behind a V6 fit my '88 LX 5.0? I know there are some differences, but can't remember what they are. Also, would the '95 T-5 behind a V6 be world class and have the same gear ratios as my '88?

Thanks in advance,
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I would call a reputable T-5 tranny shop like D&D or Hanlon and ask about the differences in the V6's T-5.

I took a 95 Cobra T-5 and put it into my 88-used the 95 Bellhousing and input shaft-I absolutely loved it. I'm a shorter guy (5'7") so it moved the shifter back 5/8" and made it noticeably easier to shift. There are no interference problems with the added length. With the newer bellhousing though you need to use the new style gear reduction starter. If you don't have one-the reman's cost about $130.:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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