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Hi folks I have an '88 LX coupe that, well to make a long story short, is so damn loud that I can never hear my iPod or whatever the hell else I want to listen to. I have had a 2003 Pioneer tape deck and 2003 Pioneer wimpy speakers in it forever. So, in the past few weeks I've upgraded some things, and the coupe always had provisions in the doors for speakers but only had the 3.5" dash and 6x8" rear deck speakers installed. I'm guessing the hole cut outs in the door are in all cars but not used by all, who knows. There are also rubber grommets in the door and body where it looks like perfect speaker wire exit/entry points I can use. Anyway, I bought all new speakers and a two channel amplifier for a new head unit I am using and I would like to get speakers in the doors. I bought 6" (I believe) that fit right in, but I am wondering the best way to run this set up. My rear deck speakers have been relocated to where my rear seat backs used to be (also where the amplifier is mounted). Rear seats were deleted long ago.

The head unit is a pretty basic CD/MP3 player, and has 3 sets of RCA inputs on the back ("front" "rear" and a third that I believe is "SW", or I'm guessing subwoofer. I have the front and rear speakers hooked up as normal to the factory speaker wiring, but I want to hook the "new" door speakers to the amplifier with some nice speaker wire I got in a Kicker install kit so the amplifier runs them- is this ok/correct to do? And more importantly, will I notice a difference in the sound? Of course I have a roll bar that blocks half of the door speaker grilles but I'm hoping something is better than nothing. I've already noticed a difference in the sound with the dash/rear deck speakers and new head unit, but I'm hoping the door additions will make it even better. There are controls on the display of the head unit for the subwoofer settings but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Should I ditch the 2-channel amplifier and get a 4-channel? I don't know too much about all the audio stuff although it doesn't seem terribly complicated.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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