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op do whatever the internet tells you to do. Everyone has the money to do it right the second time. And that's an undisputable fact.

Sell the v3si. if the price is good maybe ill buy it. take that money and the 1200, put the rest on a cc and enjoy.
pm me if you want to sell the v3si
Well, the the V3-Si needs rebuilt anyway it's really not worth much at all....maybe like $500. As far as I know the YSI also requires a different mounting bracket, so I'd have to spend more for that too....again for literally no reason. Furthermore, the YSI flows such a ridiculous amount of air I'd probably have to buy a larger or second BOV, even more money spent. I'd probably have 3k of literally needless money spent on upgrading to a charger I can't make any use of because my engine is only built for 700whp. The Ti is more than enough for that, I probably won't even push it that far. My goal is 600whp, anything it ends up more than that is gravy.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts