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Serpentine Pulley Alignment/ Vortech Supercharger

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Hey all,

CAR: 03' Mustang GT, Vortech V2-Si, Built 4.6.

I was curious if anyone know's any tricks to checking the alignment of the pulley's on a Vortech Supercharged GT. My serpentine belt was chewed up pretty badly, and I would like to make sure that all my pulley's are aligned.

Secondly, does anyone know the correct length of the belt that I should buy to replace it? I've heard a 112.5" belt is correct, but I would like to confirm this.


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After many hours of pain, cuts and choice words, I found a hit of a number on the old belt. Turns out that I was running a 108 and 1/8" belt.

I guess I could have added more specifics. I'm running the 2.87 pulley and a single bolt tensioner (for now). Gates had the correct Kevlar reinforced belt (Napa) and everything fits fine with no slip now.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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