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The car is a black '88 GT 5 speed. Interior is grey. The driver's seat has a tear on the side of it, the rest of the interior is very clean. The body is decent, paint is a bit faded and the typical scratches of a 14 year-old car. The engine runs awesome, 124k on the clock and doesn't use any oil, no smoke etc. The engine is totally stock, not even a K&N or exhaust work.

The car needs some minor work, the blinkers don't work, the horn doesn't work etc. Their is a tranny whine. As everyone knows T5s are cheap to rebuild but I don't have the time for this. I just can't justify having 4 cars between my g-friend and I so the Mustang has to go.

I need to get $2500 for the car. I'm in Toms River NJ....

Let me know here or drop me a line @ [email protected]

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