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Selling for parts or race car- '86 GT T top

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Selling for parts '86 GT T top- registered "junked"- REDUCED

I have a '86 Mustang GT T top that I used as a donor car. No engine, tranny, fuel tank, wiring harness or computer. Glass is good and exterior is good. Suspension is complete both front and rear. Interior is complete although it is taken apart presently. Exhaust is complete past headers although it will need to be welded together at two points. I had to cut a couple of brake and fuel lines, but they are mostly complete. Pedal box is removed as well. Located in Fresno Ca. Looking for $550, but will take best offer. E-mail [email protected]
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whats so rare? anyway im still interested in the doors...

edit - those 4-eyed guys are weird.. woopty doo u took out the engine and what not of a running car to convert it to another car... not like the t-tops are worth anything... they might be rare but no one wants them anymore than they want a plain ole' hatchback
WE'll GUYS, I must say this, no disrespect intended, FOUR EYED CARS RULE!!! I tell ya what, If you have this car in a few weeks, and if my buddy Clint doesn't buy it, consider it SOLD.. I love those cars- I hate seeing parted out.. But on the other hand, they are getting to be alittle over priced... I must admit.. But afterall, they are going to be collector's in a GOOD LUCK SELLING HER.. KEEP HER.. DON'T STRIP JMR...
Still here and I put a "For Sale" sign on it yesterday. Who wants it?
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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