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Selling for parts or race car- '86 GT T top

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Selling for parts '86 GT T top- registered "junked"- REDUCED

I have a '86 Mustang GT T top that I used as a donor car. No engine, tranny, fuel tank, wiring harness or computer. Glass is good and exterior is good. Suspension is complete both front and rear. Interior is complete although it is taken apart presently. Exhaust is complete past headers although it will need to be welded together at two points. I had to cut a couple of brake and fuel lines, but they are mostly complete. Pedal box is removed as well. Located in Fresno Ca. Looking for $550, but will take best offer. E-mail [email protected]
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What shape is the center console in? How much shipped to 44614?

I am trying to sell the whole thing, if possibe. Center console is average for a 18 year old car. I can only imagine what shipping would be. I tried shipping a sway bar to PN and it cost $31. This box would be longer and about the same weight.
Do you have any pics of the outside or the in?
I need to post them from home- they are on my home computer. I weill try this:

The only shots of the interior I have were after I started taking it apart and now the interior is full of the left over parts.
I dont suppose you will ship the car huh?
I guess I could, if you want to pay for the shipping. I would guess it won't be cheap.
Doesn't anyone want to build a drag race car?
post an add on

You will get some responses there!!!
Thanks, I'll give it a try.
If you buy the doors for $550, I will throw the rest of the car in for free.
I posted it at and they are not happy with me.
Yeah the guys at foureyedpride cant stand to see good cars used for parts...I for one understand what you did, and realize you probably had no idea of the collector value of the car at hand....I sent you a email about the car though, I am seriously interested. I would have to have it shipped though. Let me know.

[email protected]
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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