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Maybe you all can help me out. I purchased a convertible recently and I'm going through it sorting out it's needs. There is a part that goes into the top of the A pillar where the dowel from the top fits. I need to replace these and the dealer says they are obsolete as of 2002.

I called Late model restoration and Texas Mustang neither of which shows them being available in the aftermarket. One of the dealers mentioned something about a place in Cincy called Greens that apparently deals with a lot of NOS Ford parts. Anyone know about this place, how to get in touch with them. The part # is E3ZZ-76515A32-A it is called a header Sleeve. I need them for both sides. I believe they are the same on both sides.

This is the peice that the metal dowel pin from the top fits down into. For crying out loud these things have to wear out pretty often as much as these tops get put up and down. This deal with obsoleting parts is starting to wear on me. I couldn't even get a battery cable for my Lightning a while back.

any help appreciated,


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