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SD to MAF upgrade

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Ive been looking at a lot of sites regarding MAF sensors etc. and not quite got the answers yet!
I will be doing a conversion from SD at some point while building up the new fox. I have already acquired a couple of MAF meter housings. Engine n stuff is coming from an '88 GT.

One is a 70mm unit and sensor from a 94/95 car (according to the sensor number i looked up) and should work ok (i believe) with 19# injectors without any other changes needed. The ecu i have is A9P.

The second is an 80mm c&l unit with no sensor.

Can anyone tell me if i can use a 93 cobra 70mm MAF unit/sensor with 24# injectors on a A9P (or similar) ecu without any issues?

Also can a 94/95 sensor in a 93 cobra unit (if keeping with 19#) so can be fitted without an adapter.

Hope this makes sense?!
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I guess i could live with the 19# injectors but rather not with the 55mm stock MAF.

But as i already have a 70mm maf/sensor from 94/5GT, 19# and 24# injectors and A9P ecu didnt wanna have to buy too much if i can get as much of this to work together as i can.

But maybe it is best to just buy a MAF unit that is set to work with 24# injectors and stock ecu?

Would i get the best running setup that way?
when you change to a maf with a different transfer function, and change injectors, even of the same size, different injectors of the same flow have different characteristics, you must change the ecm calibration.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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