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I'm a rookie to the SBF world, and need some help.

I have a '69 351w (carbed), .030 over, stock crank, stock rods, Ross XL-400 pistons. Compression is just over 11:1 with the Canfield heads, Comp solid roller (244/244 .581/.581 or .586/.586, I forget which). Vic Jr. intake, Barry Grant 750cfm carb (old style). MSD 6 ignition, with the MSD billet distributor.

Tried searching, and saw a bunch of different opinions on what plugs to run with the Canfields. Autolite 392X (depending on what heat range I need), Autolite 3933R's, NGK UR55's, etc.. Which would you guys recommend for my combo, and what heat range/gap??

What about a coil? Will the Accel super coil from Auto Zone be ok, or should I just go ahead and order an MSD coil?

How are the cylinders numberer? I believe it is 1-2-3-4 on the passenger side front to back, and 5-6-7-8 from the drivers side front to back, correct?

Thanks to anyone who can help. I'd like to get this thing started next weekend :cool:
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