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I will be having a little meet friday august 24th at ikea in west sac I will be their with some friends...if you guys arnet doing anything and want to have a little gtg/cruise stop on by i would love to have a big group and just drive around downtown at night show off our cars and have people enjoy the sound of american muscle while we drive down the streets... after we can maybe have some races.. burnouts.. donuts.. lol whatever comes in mind ... all cars are welcome

meet up at ikea around 9:30pm-10 pm
cruise out to downtown/sacramento/races/donuts 10pm- till we get shutdown

any suggestions feel free to chime in..,-121.534538&sspn=0.135974,0 .239983&geocode=FenITAIdSz3B-CGRzDkeT1q9DynPJqEbFKjqVDGRzDkeT1q9Dw%3BFVWwTAIdoQjC-ClfIWmeLdGagDHuplOZtuIuJg%3BFXsgTgId-AfB-A&t=h&mra=ls&z=12
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