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Robyne George is the winner of the Spyder Auto Feature on Facebook. This is her story –

I’m from Drumheller, Alberta so needless to say my original vehicle – 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS – which did not come equipped with a block heater would not survive through many cold Canada winters. I decided it was time for a truck. When I was 16 I drove a GMC Short Box step-side which was a beautiful truck but it was a bit cursed. I then decided that my grandfather and dad have always been Ford enthusiasts that it was the obvious choice for my next vehicle.

I settled with a 2010 Ford F-150 and this baby has been fantastic! Shortly after purchasing the vehicle I was bitten by the modification bug. It was an insatiable fever that would only be remedied when my truck was finally “mine.” I started with a few stickers and a lift kit. One day driving up to my families’ cabin in Shuswap, BC I noticed visibility in the vehicle was less than satisfactory. The drive is 6-7 hours from my home, so I decided that this was unacceptable. That’s when I was introduced to Spyder Autos CCFL Headlights and LED Tail lights. The difference is amazing in not only aesthetics but in function. On rides to the cabin I can see everything and I don’t have to worry about any type of storms obstructing my vision.

I work in an auto-parts store and needless to say, I always recommend Spyder products to all my customers.

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