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SoCal's Finest Performance Tuning/Installation for ALL Fords & GMs. Not only do they provide high quality service, they also have an outstanding reputation, knowledge, and great customer service. This is a business that has thrived off of great customer service.


Place: Racers Edge Tuning (RET)

Date: December 1st (12/1/12)

Time: 9am-4pm

Address: 8107 Phlox St, Downey, CA 90241

Cost is $40 for 3 pulls. An extra $5 with an Air/fuel print out. All cars are welcome as long as it’s a 2 wheel drive car. It will be first come first serve with a sign up list at the shop when you arrive. Last dyno day in April we had over 50 cars come out ranging from Mustangs, Vettes, Gto's, Camaro's, Etc.. and alot of great RWHP numbers. I believe the top dog was a 700+rwhp Cobra. Im hoping someone can bring something out this time to top that. ;-)

Greg is the owner of Racers Edge Tuning. He has been tuning for the last eleven years and has been in business for eight years. His shop tunes with HP Tuner,s FAST, Big Stuff3, and SCT and he has also been tuning with HP Tuner for the last seven years. People that know him will tell you that he loves what he does, and it’s still a hobby. He will always be into racing; it’s not something he does just to make a buck. “I know a lot of people know me for building/tuning lots of Fast Fords, but we also do a bunch of GM stuff. I have four full time employees, three being heavy line. I own 2 Dynojet224 in ground dyno's along with a DTS engine dyno. We have 5 lifts, stock many parts.”-Greg Monroe

Website: Racer's Edge Tuning & Performance, LLC

Racers Edge Tuning - Automotive - Downey, CA | Facebook

If you have any other questions you can call his shop directly at (562) 622-2508 or reach Greg by email at [email protected]

Look forward to seeing you guys out there this December! :beer:

The Line up:


1. ThatOneCobra- 03 Cobra

2. AIRASSAULT13F40- 04 Cobra

3. Cobra Drifter- 09 Gt500

4. UncleSam- 03 Cobra

5. applecarguy- 94 Cobra

6. SIr RicCuS- 04 Cobra

7. FB Friend #1- 08 S/C Gt

8. racebroncotwo- 04 Cobra

9. 55R- 13 Gt

10. bizzmeister- 03 Cobra








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