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Restoration for 1992 Mustang in NJ

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Looking for a resto-mod/ factory shop in NJ/ PA area. The car is mostly original 5.0 Lx Hatch. I want it to look factory and all body is original. Maximum Motorsports R/t track box and a few other MM parts are installed. 6-point roll bar and chassis support are Installed. Car is built to go 10.0 legal on NHRA track but I want it to be street legal. Car needs L/F frame rail and R/T RR quarter replaced. I have NPD/ Ford replacement parts to be installed. Looking for someone who can do FOX type of work. Looking for a street strip type of shop for sheet metal replacement. Car will need a complete repaint, I can strip it and primer the body. I will remove motor, chassis, brake and fuel lines for repairs to be done. 1992 Emerald Green is the color. Not a low dollar job but I want quality work done. If you can take the time to do it, please give me a reply. Thank You. Steve K
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I bought a tranny from these guys a week or two ago but can't vouch for their work but they do work on foxbodies. But they may be what you are looking for. Blue Sky Performance Premier Auto Restoration Shop. 177 Stanhope Sparta Rd, Andover, NJ 07821, USA (formerly Signart Graphix LLC's location; I mention this because Google Maps got lost AF when trying to find the above address because there are multiple Sparta Roads nearby).
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