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Friend is selling his 93 LX Hatch. Originally a 4 cylinder, converted to V8. Only has 54k miles on it. Reef Blue w/ Grey Interior, has leather/vinyl seats which are kind of rare, manual windows, manual locks, manual mirrors, sunroof. He works out of town and his company has been sending people home, so he is trying to get some money together just incase for now.

The body is straight with one dent in it, paint is decent but has been keyed, so it has scratches here and there, car still looks good overall. The front bumper has some damage from an engine hoist. Hood has heat extractors put in by previous owner. No rust. Huge stack of receipts for almost everything. Interior is in real good shape as well.

306 w/ Eagle I Beam Rods, Forged Pistons, Stock Crank, Main Girdle, Moroso Oil Pan (around 1000 miles)
Canfield Heads, Ported by Central Florida Mustangs, 2.08/1.60 Valves, Rocker Stud Girdles
Ultradyne Camshaft (dunno the specs off hand, I remember him saying .521 lift but thats all we got out of the previous owner))
EFI Spyder Intake Manifold
1 3/4" Longtubes, Heat Wrapped
Offroad H Pipe
MSD Timing Retard Computer (adjust timing on the fly)
MSD Coil
Taylor Wires
Ford Racing Valve Covers
FMS 30LB Injectors
Tremec 3550 Transmission
FMS King Cobra Clutch
Steeda Triax Shifter
5 Lug Conversion
Cobra 13" Front Brakes
Moser 31 Spline Axles
Auburn Pro Differential
TA Rearend Support Cover
FMS 3.73's
FMS Aluminum Driveshaft
Eibach Sportline Springs
Caster & Camber Plates
Custom Subframe Connectors (big beefy mofos)
6 Point Bolt In Cage (door bars currently out, they go with car)
American Racing 17" Torque Thrust II Wheels w/ Nitto Street Tires
Full Fuel System w/ Magnafuel External Pump, Stainless Braided Lines, Etc
Dual Electric Fans
Battery Relocated to Hatch w/ Stainless Battery Box & Track Legal External Kill Switch
3G Alternator

The car put down 317 RWHP & 293 RWTQ SAE UNTUNED with the stock A9L computer, it currently has a flash tuned by Panhandle Performance A9L out of a 351W HCI car, it idles much better with this computer, unknown if it added any power or not though.

The intake manifold on it will not let you install the AC, it blocks the fitting, some sort of 90* fitting or something would help with this. Heater core is bypassed. Car runs good, tranny shifts good, the doors and hatch shut TIGHT. There is an oil leak at the front and back of the intake, just needs to be taken off and resealed. The power steering neck is cut down because the car used to have a turbo kit at one time (not on this motor or tranny setup), another power steering pump goes with the car to fix this. This motor has not seen a power adder.

Clean Florida Title, $7000 obo, he MAY trade for another Mustang of some sort (96-01 Cobra, 99-04 GT or something) plus some cash, but is mostly looking to sell outright.

Located near Pensacola Fl


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nice car man
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