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I'm at 106k miles, and I plan on going aother 100k at least.

Is it worth it to get a new Block from DSS or Keith Craft or Wells Racing etc etc.


Would I be good for another 100k just by rebuilding the stock block with strong internals.

Also, what would the horsepower advantage (if any) be by using say a DSS base 306 bullet block ($1495) over rebuilding the stock block with high quality internals with my combo

Edelbrock 6037 heads, Cobra 1.72 rockers, Cobra u/l intake, BBK 65mm TB, Pro-M 75mm MAF, FMS 24# injectors, Walbro 190lph, Kirban Billet fuel reg., MAC shorties, MAC hi-flo H-pipe, MAC cat back,MAC pulleys,
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