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Monday I installed a T-5 in my car that I bought from a buddy used... for $1000 CDN. Trans has 3-400 miles if its lucky. As well, it has 5-6 low 11 high 10 passes. on it. [has not been powershifted]

My buddy spent roughly $1100 US having it rebuilt by Liberty Transmissions in Detroit about this time a year ago. It has the 2.95 1st gear and the upgraded/hardened gear sets, steel throw out bearing retainer and whatever else my buddy told them they could do to make it as strong as a T-5 could possibly be..
I remember the guy at Liberty telling my buddy this T-5 was a bit stronger than the FRPP 330 ft lb T-5Z we can buy new... My buddies car has dart heads, S trim w/ aftercooler, LOTS more done etc.. and Liberty said this T-5 would hold up in his car [which went 1.68 60' 10.77 @ 133 MPH granny shifting - I was there] as long as there was NO powershifting... question... I notice it has some whining in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, gears while driving around town.. It's a smooth but high pitch that whine that climbs with RPMs..but doesn't sound like the tranny is dying or anything. 4th &5th are quiet. It shifts a tad notchy too while just cruising, but shifts nicely when you are beating it. I know a properly working T-5 is basically quiet all around... Do the built up trannies like this tend to have some notchiness and whining in them thats normal due to different [and hardened] gearsets along with other strength improving mods? Or should it be quiet like a new stock T-5?

I know that Tremecs are said whine and thats supposed to be normal with them. wonderd if a done up T-5 whines a bit too?

Any input/opinons would be greatly appreciated.
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