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Hey all,
I am looking to do a rear disc 4 lug conversion and I may have found some used pieces. The issue is that not all the pieces will be sold, so I will need to find the remainder of the items and do not know what/where to get them. The setup I am looking at is an SSBC kit with turbo coupe/93 cobra calipers & rotors. NOT INCLUDED in the setup will be:

Master cylinder
Proportioning valve
Dust shields
Brake lines

I assume I can use a turbo coupe master cylinder (maybe, and will it just bolt right in?)

I have seen proportioning valves on several sites (50resto, CJponyparts, etc...), is there a certain one I need?

If I find a turbo coupe dust shield, will this fit? Do I really even need these (or can I run it without until I find some)?

Now the potentially tricky one. I do not know how to get the juice from my current brake lines to the new calipers. It seems the lines on my 1990 have 3/8"-24 fittings and the Turbo coupe calipers require an M10 x 1.5mm. Is there an adapter, maybe a short hose with one of each? All I have seen is a conversion hose from Fox to SN95. Or will I have to go to a shop and have a set custom made?

These may be some dumb questions to a lot of you, but I have never dealt with this stuff before and really appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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