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rear bumper 1999-2004

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I have a electric green 99-04 Mustang v6 rear bumper cover. Will work great if you are doing dumps or side exhaust and dont want blank exhaust cutouts.It came off my old 99 mustang. All of the brackets are good there is some small marks in paint due to normal wear and tear and one larger black scratch. The bumper is dirty so it shows in the pic it looks like damage but it is not. I took a close up pic of the scratch. If u need any more pics please let me know.Im willing to ship via grayhound etc im located in south new jersey about 20min from cherry hill. $150 any questions call or text me at 609-346-6779 (couldnt post anymore pics they are on the v6 classifieds)
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Do you think I could cut your bumper with a saw to make the openings so it will work with my five inch tips?
its doable, ive seen pletny of sixxers do this for the tips to come out back and not under the bumper...ide use a hole saw though to get it nice and rounded then the edges smooth and then paint :)
I might have to look into it. Taking cats out and doing true dual exhaust with new y pipe and five inch tips. Will sound awesome.
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