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I just installed my FMS 65mm TB and 67mm EGR spacer. My engine has AFR-165 heads (61cc chambers), E303 CAM, and GT40 intake. Of course BBK headers, Hi Flow H-Pipe, and Flowmaster exhaust.

My "Delivered HP" on the G-Tech showed an increase from 218 HP to 220 HP peak. So thats +2 RWHP only :( I will say the car is stronger up high (butt meter) and a little softer down low compared to the stock TB. Im sure if I had the complete curves I'd be up 8-10 HP at certain RPMs.

At the motor, at sea level, thats about an increase from 305 HP to 308 HP peak (NOTE: Drivetrain loss + 15% HP loss due to high altitude here in Colorado).

My best tune so far is:

Timing: 14 BTDC
FP: 34 PSI (24 # Injectors and low due to Altitude in CO)
Idle: 900 RPM Average (850-950 actually due to CAM)
Vtps: 0.95 Volts

I think future tries for N/A improvement will be the GT40 lower porting, and playing with the cold-air intake setup vs open cone.

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