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Cylinder Walls?

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rate my cylinder walls!

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Fixed my PCV issues, realized to throw my borescope into all the cylinders for fun. 12+yrs old, Eagle forged assbly, h-beams, forged pistons, etc... rings gapped for S/C, hit the strip couple times a year. Posted eariler hot compression test was good on all 8. What ya'll think? (looks like #5 is going)
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Looks like you may be burning some oil/blowby, especially on #1 and #5, but that could be related to your PCV issues which you just mentioned that you fixed. That's not an issue with the walls.

Any reason why you're concerned about your cylinders? They all look completely fine to me, the only reason typically to be concerned over the cylinder walls is if there are deep gouges/scratches or of course a crack.
bottom end hasn't been refresh for years & just having some fun with the borescope, but planning to upgrade with a meth system, and pulleys (7/3 to 7.5 to 2.93) and see what this 1500/Ti can do.
You could compression/leakdown test for some peace of mind, but it'd be a lot of labor to open up the engine just to re-hone the walls and put on new piston rings. Or of course you could do a more intensive rebuild with upsized pistons, but that would add a lot to the cost and machine work to bore out the cylinders.

Your engine already has a good bottom end. If it's been running reliably and without issue up to this point, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Compression test, then a leak down test will give you better answers than an internet poll.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts