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I found an 89 LX convertible, 4 cyl automatic. Original owner since 1989. I haven't bought it yet. I don't know the miles. Probably 100k+. It's the tan color, I think they called it "Almond", and tan interior. Condition is clean but not perfect. Better than average. I couldn't get around all of it but didn't see any signs of rust from what little bit I could see. He's supposed to drive it over to the house later so I can look at it better.

I was trying to find the build number breakdown but all I find is 5.0 stuff, nothing for anything with a 2.3 other than SVO.

Is this color combo somewhat rare? I have not seen one before, that's why I ask.

I haven't committed to buy it yet either, curious of it's "rarity" among other things.
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