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I was out cruising around 11-11:30 tonight, when I passed a black Cobra on the other side of Route 10. I didn't think much of it until I made a U-turn down by the Home Depot in East Hanover and saw the car again. I decided to roll down to the Wendy's and wait in the parking lot till I saw the Cobra. When I saw it I pulled out and gunned it to catch up...we went from a rolling start around 40 or so...I pulled probably an inch for a split second, then the Cobra just pulled on me. Can't complain though, I'd rather get beat by a Mustang than an import. :) We pulled over and were talking for a little bit. Nice guy and cool I thought. Good race even though I got my ass kicked. :) Really mean sounding, off-road X into flows sounded great. I really need money for my car...the '95 Cobra's aren't good enough with just an exhaust. :) If the owner of the Cobra reads this message, IM me at SVTMustang1995 on AIM (Sorry I can't remember your name even though we were talking for a bit, I'm bad with names sometimes). Thanks.

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