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Questions about going MS

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I am considering getting Microsquirt next year to start to learn to tune with my near stock setup. I'd want to gain a decent level of familiarity tuning with TS before either adding a turbo or a H/C/I to my car a year later.

I'm in research mode and have a couple of questions:

1. What do you MS guys do with your EVAP/charcoal canister system? I wouldn't mind deleting it all as I don't need any emissions crap on the car. However, I don't want my garage to smell like gas all the time so just venting it to atmosphere doesn't sound appealing.

2. I'm leaning toward Microsquirt while turboing the stock long block. I have a 255 lph fuel pump and stock injectors (34lb) off a friend's 2011 Coyote mustang that I would like to use. I am running a junkyard 70mm MAF off a 94 GT so the cost savings of going MS and not needing to buy a new blow through MAF would be nice. I also think learning to use TunerStudio looks much less confusing/intimidating than using Binary Editor with QH. I already have a WB and feel that I am patient and studious enough about learning to tune. How does this plan sound?
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You can use the stock o2s but they suck buy you an aftermarket Wideband money well spent. I just bought this for my new project. I use the gen 4 on my other car.

Good point on the ECU not being able to get mad if its not there lol. How are most installing the wideband sensor? Im trying to avoid having to drill a hole in my exhaust.
Was leaning toward the Innovate or Spartan2 WB.

Im also confused on there being a MS..and then a Pimpxs which is just MS in another style case or??
The PimpXS is a Megasquirt board inside of a stock-style ECU case that plugs into your stock wiring harness. The normal Megasquirt kits would come in their own case and require you to custom wire the kit to your car. I'm running an Innovate MTX-L on one bank and a Spartan on the other bank.
I drilled my exhaust and welded bungs in place. The bungs are easily plugged if you don't want to keep a sensor there. You can also get clamp-on O2 bung assemblies if you don't want to weld to your exhaust.
Im running long tube headers and both have a bung for a O2 sensor just wondering if i could replace a O2 with the WB sensor?
The stand alone megasquirt, has an 02 input but its analog. You’ll need something like an LC2 wide band controller with an analog output. Just wired up a customers 92 turbo fox with an MS3 evo. Here is the mounting position of the Megasquirt and Innovate wideband controller in the passenger kick panel where the stock ecu usually is. The O2 wide band will come with the controller. The 02 sensor for this build is in the downpipe. And to answer your question, wide band and narrow band O2’s are the same size. You can use the bungs you already have. Just pick a side and cap the other.
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I want to add that if a tuner will be tuning the car they may have a wideband wand that they stick in the end of the tailpipe. This would prevent the need of you buying a WB if it wasn't in the budget or if you simply don't want/need it.
The gent that tunes my car has said that the tailpipe version does really good but not quite as accurate as a WB installed in the appropriate location but he has learned to tune for the differences and a lot of cars simply don't need a WB. Talk to your tuner.

So if i go with a MS or a Pimpxs i just need a single WB in one side? I dont really need the narrow band stock style O2's at all?
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