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Have a weird QH issue, I was live tuning a param and suddenly the car started running rough. I cycled koeo and notice the fuel pump was constantly running, so I thought corrupt bin.

Uploaded a old known working bin and pump still stayed on. Disconnected the USB and koeo and pump primed & turned off as normal.

But, reconnected USB, koeo and the pump stayed on! Verified bin was ok, did it again but accidentally pulled the USB out while reverifying, reconnected and now pump primes as normal koeo. Weird. BUT now the car runs really rough when it goes closed loop! Car was running good before all this, same time, just tweaking MAF curve.

Any way to check if the QH is truly 100% working aside from verifying the bin? Is there a way to do a hard reset? Or a mode to clear everything

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I noticed a similar issue on mine. It was only with the first fire up of the day when it was cold pretty much. I would prime it to get ready to check AFR and the first time I noticed it I thought it stayed on a little long turned the key off. Then when I go to start it primes fine, no issues. I thought I had been losing pressure from my regulator. The next time I tried that I made BIG mistake and let it run thinking it was the regulator. Well it flooded the motor, had to drain the oil and all of that. What a pain.

It's always on the first fire up of the day. Every other time it will prime just fine. Even the first prime without the USB plugged in. I just prime it without the USB in and then plug it in. I want it to work correctly but I don't know how to fix it.
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